What is Flash Menu Factory™  

Flash Menu Factory™ is a new software application that allows you to create stylish and impressive navigation for your website.

FMF requires zero Flash knowledge. Creating flash menus is a matter of defining your menu’s text and the corresponding links, the rest is job of FMF.

Flash Menu Factory™ comes bundled with 106 high-quality flash menu designs: Drop down menus, tabs, web buttons, floating web menus and more. And if those are not enough our free FMF Skin Creator™ lets you create your very own menu designs.

With so many menu designs, the only problem is choosing which one to use!

Key Features & Benefits of Flash Menu Factory™   Top
106 different Menus
106 Designs (skins).
106 high quality different menu designs (skins) pre-installed. With our free FMF Skin Creator™ you can create your own menu designs!

View the examples
Eye-catching animated graphics.
Eye-catching animated graphics.
Using the advantages of Flash technology, we have created high quality animated flash menus that will totally transform the look of your website in seconds.
Add Icons and Images
Add Icons and Images.
Add your own icons for each menu item or select any from the pre-installed icon library. You can also add your company's logo or any other picture on the top left of the menu.
Playback of sound effects.
Sound Effects playback .
Add your own sound effects or select any from the pre-installed sound library.
Full customizable
Full customizable.
Full customizable to the last detail (Fonts, colors, spacing, sounds, icons etc.) to meet the needs of your website style.
Easy to use.
Easy to use.
No flash knowledge or other programming skills are required.
Small file size for fast loading.
Small file size for fast loading.
Flash menus are always compressed in small size for fast web downloading.
Usability First
Usability First.
Designed according to Jakob Nielsen’s usability guidelines. Your users will never be confused by obscure navigation.
Small file size for fast loading.
Button Maker Mode
FMF can also create stylish web buttons. For example you can use this mode to create an email button (protected from Spam robots) or other buttons for your website.
And more...
And more...
Popup animations, animated backgrounds, preloader, web publishing wizard, colorize function and more features are available for you.
...more features   Top
windows 7 compatible
  • Compatible with Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2003/ 2K
  • Creates classic drop-down menus as well vertical sidebars and tabs.
  • Additional skins are available on the web.
  • Customized animated backgrounds.
  • Add a preloader with a single click.
  • Colorize function will match any menu design with the color scheme of your web.
  • Simple, hidden and floating menus.
  • Menu files are always compressed in small size for fast web downloading.
  • A variety of popup animations (unfolding effects) is available.
  • Automatic sitemap generator.
  • Web Publishing Wizard ensures easy integration with your website.
  • SupportFanatical Technical Support for registered users.

Why Flash? Flash vs. Javascript   Top

Most of the menu systems that you will experience make use the JavaScript language. Instead, FMF creates menus in Macromedia’s Flash format. Why we choose Flash over Javascript? Read below:




SEO friendly

Contrary to popular belief, Flash links are fully indexed by the major seach engines like Google or Bing.


High Quality Graphics

Visually Rich. Flash offers high quality vector & bitmap graphics optimized for fast web downloading.


Javascript language does not offer the ability to produce high quality graphics. (A recent study from Stanford University concluded that the number one factor that makes your visitors trust you is your web site’s appearance & design.)

Use any Font

Use any custom Font. FMF embeds any non standard font into the flash menu to ensure that your users will see the menu exactly as you designed it.

Only system Fonts are allowed.

Fast cached download

Menu is downloaded only once in browser’s cache. In subsequent pages, menu is loaded instantly.

Adds a download overhead in every page.

Cross Browser Compatibility

YES (100%)
Flash menus are 100% compatible with the popular web browsers.

Not Always
Incompatibility problems arise between different web browsers and Javascript versions.


Flash menus can be scaled to any size easily.

Javascript menus cannot be scaled.

Smooth text (antialiased)

Flash menus offer smooth (anti-aliased) text and graphics. Optionally, a pixelized look is also available.

Anti-alias is not available.

Vector graphics

Flash creates stunning vector graphics small in size, suitable for fast downloading.

Javascript can not produce quality graphics without the use of bitmap images which are bigger in size.


YES (98.6%)
Reach more users. Contrary to popular belief more users use flash than javascript.
98.6% of web users use flash.

Javascript is disabled by many users for security reasons and popup blocking. Javascript menus will be invisible to these users.

Easy maintenance

Since flash menu is a single file, changes to site navigation are very easy. Just upload the new file to your site.

Not Flexible
Changes are not easy, since javascript code is repeated to all pages, all pages must be re-edited.


Upgrade to PRO version
Need more control over your menus and 106 designs to select from? Upgrade to PRO version
is your next step.

Download the Free Demo!
Flash Menu Factory™ is available in a fully-featured demo version that will allow you to evaluate it.

View the Example Menus.
These are some examples of what can be accomplished with Flash Menu Factory™.

    Click here to Upgrade.     Download the Demo version.     View the examples.

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